Welcome to an ensemble of film and theater makers who believe people hunger for a deeper experience.

What if we
don't seek answers?

What if we stay in a constant state of development ruthlessly committed to question and discovery?

What if we're about process over product?

How do we
create depth?

Cathartic isn’t an emotional roller coaster. It's falling off a mountain.

How can we take audiences on a wild, soul-stirring ride? And no, we don't mean remounting seasonal favorites “with a twist.”

Why do we
tell brave stories?

We believe discovery happens out on the edge. When we foresake sidewalks. Stumble through forests.

Where others put on masks to project truth; how can we take them off in pursuit of it?

Winner of 2016 OIFF Best Drama & Best Actor

The Lower Rooms

The Lower Rooms by Eliza Anderson, produced by SoweluTheater and The Narrative. Tenzin, a Tibetan survivor of political torture is in Portland, Oregon for rehabilitation. He comes to stay at the home of Madeline, a worker in the rehabilitation center. Finding himself home all day with Madeline's teenage daughter Rosie, he becomes reluctantly embroiled in her angst, loneliness, invasive curiosity and dangerous game playing. When Rosie finds herself in danger after her boyfriend Benny becomes involved in a cult, she seeks desperate refuge from Tenzin. The two, forced together by an unusual bond created by life's atrocities, open to one another for survival and healing.